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3. The Injection

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The Injection controls the hormone progesterone, and there are three brands: Depo-Provera (lasts for 13 weeks), Sayana Press (13) or Noristerat (8). It works by releasing the hormone into your system, preventing the release of an egg.

You get the injection via an appointment with your GP, and it’s up to you to remember when the hormones expire - you’ll have to book ahead to get your next dose so that you don’t have gaps in your journey to avoid pregnancy. The injection goes into your butt / upper arm. Usual side effects include hormonal swings, weight gain, breast tenderness and irregular bleeding (these are practically a given, right - pfft).

Great for:

Not having to remember until you have to remember again... Works right away (if injected during the first 5 days of your cycle - which may get hard to work out if your periods become irregular - using apps like Clue may help with this!). It’s not affected by other medicines.

Bad for:

Having to arrange appointments with your doctor and taking the time to travel there each time. It hurts - manageable, but still. You’re not protected against STI’s. It can take up to a year before your fertility goes back to normal, once you stop getting the injections. Other side effects are possible, like headaches, acne, hair loss and decreased sex drive - these effects will last once the hormones are out of your system - up to 13 weeks! If you move house constantly or aren’t in the same place, this may not be the one for you.