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Art by Nicole Chui - @thatsewnicole

Let’s Talk Eco-Friendly Periods

Why should we consider the environment when menstruating?

While having an eco-friendly period is not everyones main concern, you may find some of these products really interesting regardless. Aiming to not just be better for the environment, these products also aim to better for us, our wallets and our cycles.

Did you know - “A menstruating person menstruates on average for 32 years and uses approximately 12,000-16,000 disposable pads and tampons in a lifetime” - IMSE VIMSE. Thats £2,657 on average per person! 

Understandably there can be a lot of hesitation with buying new products when we’ve likley already got it sussed - we know which tampons we like, how to keep sanitary towels in our bags in case of leaks, and overall how many prodcuts we need each bleed.

All I can say is, have a browse through the sections of this article and hopefully you’ll learn something new! You may be persuaded to make that financial investment in your cycle, and love the change!

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Happy reading!