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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Period

We discuss products, flow types, cervix positioning & brands!

- products available & list their uses
- give a breakdown of the various brands that sell them
- describe the best ways to work out what cup you need

Why should we consider the environment when menstruating?

While having an eco-friendly period is not everyones concern, you may find some of these products interesting regardless.

A menstruating person menstruates on average for 32 years and uses approximately 12,000-16,000 disposable pads and tampons in a lifetime (- IMSE VIMSE). The materials, chemicals and perfumes used in disposable period products are also not great for your body. When you consider these two thigs, you become aware of how much money you spend on products that are harmful to you and the earth.

Instead, you could be using one product for 5-10 years made from natural materials, that are catered to your specific cycle.


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What are the different eco-period products available?

Reusable sanitary towels

Made of cotton and free from plastics, chemicals and perfumes, you can put these in a washing machine and use again & again. Suited for young people and those with a lighter flow. Also good for people with heavier flows looking for another barrier of protection - try pairing a cup with a reusable sanitary towel to minimise possible leaks. They stay attached to your underwear like standard sanitary towels, but use a popper instead of glue. You can buy them from a company, or even make them yourself.

Period pants

These are great for sleeping in and using as an extra barrier for those with a heavy flow. Aimed to be discreet, period pants come in a range of designs and styles from many different brands. KNIX and KNIXTEEN are examples of high quality products with a vast array of styles to fit body type and flow. You can buy multiple pairs that offer different absorbancy, and create a set that suits your particular cycle. For people with irregular cycles, having a pair in your bag is a good way of being prepared.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups sit inside your vagina and catch the blood before it leaves your body. For this reason, just like with a tampon, the blood does not oxidise and you won’t have a blood smell. There are many different shapes and sizes of cups to help fit different people, including for teens, people who have had children, higher or lower cervixes, and flow types.

Organic Tampons

If you’re not wanting to mix up your cycle products too much, seek out organic tampons. These are better for you as they don’t bleach the cotton. For this reason, you have a much lower chance of

Regular, Light, 4 Days Long

Day 1, 2 & 3
I usually awake to find I am bleeding very slightly. I’ll then get up and boil my cup in a saucepan for 10 minutes (5 minutes on each ‘side’, using a whisk to hold the cup below water). I use a standard menstrual cup bought from Monki (the clothes store - random).

My cervix is lower than the average, and the tail end of the cup sticks out. For me I don’t mind this as I know very easily whether I have my cup in or out (I’m very forgetful).

I will change my cup twice during the day. Putting the cup in at 5:30am, I wont take it out until 3pm when I’ve finsihed work. By this time (9 1/2 hours later) the cup is full. I empty it out into my bathroom sink and wash with cold water before putting back in.

I have never had a leak. I love that it’s easy to tell if it’s in right as you can just feel that it’s in there. If you can’t feel anything, you’ve nailed it! If I have to empty the cup whilst out, I’ll empty it in a loo and rinse the cup with bottled water. 

Night 1 & 2
Although you can sleep with a menstrual cup in, I was keen to try period pants. I was bought a pair of the Super Hiphugger’s by THINX for my birthday (thank you Ellie). I am a UK size 10 and the Medium size is just a little small on me but otherwise fits fine.

I only have one pair of THINX and so will wash with them hot water between uses. I’ll leave them to dry during the day.

Day 4
The last day of my period. The flow is much lighter but I still use the cup. I will still take out

Medium - Heavy - 5 Days Long

Day 1 & 2
I usually come on my period mid way through the day (usually when i’m right in the middle of something important - very convenient!)

I always have a mini cotton drawstring bag inside my work bag or tote which is filled with go-to period products. This stays in there all month long just in case and so I never worry about not having it. 

In the bag is my Mooncup, a two pairs of Thinx pants, one ’Super’ for heavy days and one ‘Medium’ for a better day. I just have the Mooncup OG brand and its worked pretty well for me although I haven’t tried any of the other brands of reusable cups yet!

My first day tends to be quite crampy, my energy is super low, brain fog is off the charts and the bleeding is usually quite heavy. So it’s really useful to have everything I need to feel fresh and comfortable at hand. 

Day 2 usually comes with less cramps and stuff and I tend to snap out of my brain fog and back into reality which is great.

Unlike some people, I will wash my cup around 4/5 times a day. I could sometimes go for longer without emptying it, but I think for me its a personal feeling of protection as the cup feels heavier as it fills. 

At work we are lucky enough to have a sink in the bathroom stall so its easy to empty and wash in comfort and privacy.

I use the Thinx period pants as a protective layer for peace of mind so I know there will be no leakage. We all know that feeling of checking our seat when we stand up, or looking at our bums in the mirror!

Night 1 & 2
I sleep with both my Mooncup in and wearing Super thinx pants. They have some really nice highwaisted ones which are comfortable and feel supportive whilst still looking sexy! 

I will usually give my Mooncup a really hot rinse before wearing it again at night. 

I will usually wake up between 3-5am to change my Mooncup, the feeling of how full it becomes must tell my brain to wake me and change it!

I have 6 pairs of Thinx pants if you’re wondering for how long i’m wearing them for! So I’ll wear one during the day and one during the night and wash when I have a few so that they’re ready a few days later. 

Day / Night 3 & 4
Day 3 and 4 for me are much more ‘typical’ as my period will be a Medium level of bleeding. 

On these days i’ll wear Medium Thinx pants under my Mooncup. Although all the Thinx pants are really comfortable and look cool the Super ones are a bit thicker so its nice to go back down to normal size pants on these days as I settle into my flow. 

I tend to feel more confident on these days with what outfits I can wear! 

I will still have back ups in my bag with the addition of a spare pair of Trousers. I want to make these days as EASY as possible for myself and just knowing i’m prepared for any eventuality means I feel stronger on my period. 

During the nightime, I wont wear a Mooncup and will just wear a pair of Super Thinx pants. 

Day / Night 5
My final day of period is a lot lighter, and for this day I find it a little uncomfortable to wear a Mooncup. So, I just wear Thinx Medium pants and i’ll change into a fresh pair midway through the day. 

Similarly in the evening i’ll wear a pair of Super pants just to ensure dryness and for peace of mind. 

Sometimes on the 6th day I will still experience spotting, and for this I’ll wear one of Thinx THONGS! Which is a nice little well done treat for having made it through the week still feeling fab af.