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1. Male & Female Condoms

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We’ve all been there - sex ed class at school with a banana and a condom. It doesn’t feel cool does it - attempting this perhaps for the first time IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR PEERS, but it may come back to surprise you - these latex (and latex free versions), are your friends. They have so many benefits, but aren’t seen as sexy (and STI’s are?!). Definitely worth having if you have multiple sexual partners, and can be used by most people. Dental dams also come under this category - who uses them? Get in touch! Dental dams are good for if you have multiple sexual partners, and enjoy performing (or receiving) oral sex.

Great for:

Protecting yourself against STI’s. They do not alter your mind or body with hormones. They are not invasive. They are free from sexual health clinics (or else they may cost you a tenner a pack). They come in different sizes, colours, flavours, and textures. They are discreet and can fit into your wallet or pocket.

Bad for:

‘Ruining the moment’ - taking a pause to put one on can be awkward with a new lover, (but fine with a long-term partner). They have a texture - not quite the same as skin-to-skin. Costly - if you don’t live near, or don’t want to visit a sexual health clinic to stock up. They can break! If they rip or snap, you don’t get any of the good, but all of the bad. They can go out of date - check on each individual condom before using!