* There is no such thing as tabboo.

CUNT - Zine Workshop

My body is a temple, my vagina is a flower
October, 2017

The Laundry Arts also put together a zine workshop alongside their exhibition, and asked maker of Fly Trap zine, Elisa Pinto de Magalhaes and I to host the workshop.

We called it ‘Writing Ourselves’ and came up with tasks for people to do on each page that were about defining ourselves, for ourselves. We listened to Elisa read from an erotic novel and talked about how we could write it differently, we came up with NEW WORDS to call our vaginas * WONDERLAND, and lastly, got people to write a declaration of love to themselves on the back of the zine. It was A WHOLE LOTTA FUN.

Check out Elisa’s zine here.