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Bumble x 100 Women I know - Consent Workshop 

‘Connectivity, Communication & Consent - In Modern Dating Culture’

Written by Sophie
Thursday 29th December, 2018

Finding out the event you applied to get a ticket for has GIVEN YOU A TICKET is very exciting - the #Bumblex100WomenIKnow event last Thursday was majorly popular and just about everyone I knew was hoping to get a ticket. Boom - e-mail received - I got a ticket.


Arriving at the secret location on the night of was interesting - I walked in to a foyer of (predominantly) young women looking around at eachother - we all came alone. While this is something that would usually fill me with nerves, we all started chatting and getting to know one another. I met Jade - she’s starting her own project ‘SUSO’ - Speak Up, Speak Out - dedicated to advocating and providing strength & solidarity for survivors of sexual abuse & domestic violence.