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6. Apps


While there seem to be apps on the rise that say they can be used as safe, hormone and invasive free choice, Natural Cycles is the only one that is contraception certified. Using technology to predict your fertile windows is fairly a new concept, although people have been doing it for years without the apps.

Natural Cycles - (read more):


On their site, they state that in one menstrual cycle, you can only get pregnant up to 6 days - the purpose of the app is to find those 6 days for each person. Each morning you take your temperature with a thermometer (has to have two decimal places), and when put into the app, it gives it all the info about your hormone levels to predict whether or not you’re fertile. You are given a green or red light to indicate whether or not you can have safe unprotected sex that day.

This particular app costs £39.99 per year, or £5.99 per month (!). Paying for contraceptives isn’t something us folk in the UK are used to compared to others overseas, but perhaps something we’d accept if it meant we found a reliable method that works for us.

It takes the app up to three cycles before it knows you, but is effective from the start. You are likely to see more red than green lights in the beginning.

People I know use this method tend to be older (28 yrs +) who are with a long-term partner, “in-case of pregnancy”. Get in contact with us to tell us about your experience using this method - we’d love to hear personal stories!

Good for:

Being entirely natural! Good for people who don’t like using / the idea of invasive or hormonal options. You will learn lots about your cycle. Your periods stay the same - great for people who have easier periods / regular. Most people have a smartphone - you’ll def need one for this! You can use at the same time as other hormonal-free methods such as condoms / IUD.

Bad for:

1 woman out of 100 gets pregnant due to a falsely attributed green day or condom failure on red day.

Not protecting against STI’s
. Having to remember every morning to input your temperature data. People who don’t have a smartphone. It’s on the pricier side. Bad for people who want to use contraceptives to regulate or control their periods, or for other things like sufferers of polycystic ovaries. You can’t use at the same time as hormonal contraceptives.