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Interview with Material Magazine

June, 2017

We spoke with the magazine for an article about female contraceptives and health. The article also featured sexologist Juliet Allen, who also believes education is key: “We need to make it a normal and healthy thing to talk about in schools and as parents, that way the youth can feel empowered to make the right choices for themselves when they become sexually active.” - Juliet

Read the full article - Material Mag / TPD. 

Interview with Catalogue Magazine

By Malie Shanti. May, 2017

We spoke with Australian magazine Catalogue about improving the conversation of women’s contraceptives.

“Maile: How can we improve the conversation of women’s contraception?

I think even having the discussion in the first place is a good start – so many people keep these things to themselves and even telling your friends that you may feel a certain way is Step 1. The second thing would be to start challenging these feelings and symptoms. Once you’ve recognised that you are no longer experiencing life in the same way as before, tell your doctor. Don’t accept that this is your new reality when there are many other options to explore!”

Read the full interview here.

Interview with DAZED

By Kemi Alemoru, April, 2017

We spoke with Dazed about the release of our first zine, and what the current state of female contraceptives means for us and those that submitted their stories / read the zine.

“Why is it important women continue this dialogue amongst themselves rather than just talk to a doctor and enter into a cycle of trial and error?

Ellie Christie: So these problems are widely shared and can't be ignored by doctors. The more we talk about the symptoms the faster we can break this wall without having to experiment with different methods on ourselves.”

Read the full interview here.

Grrrl Zine Fair

MOTH CLUB, Hackney, March, 2017

We released Issue 01 of The PEACH Diaries zine in time for our first ever zine fair! We loved having our work kn the sae room as so many other feminist creatives and getting the opportunity to read other zines and buy some new art.

I bought a print from illustrator @tillybarker_ of a wolf girl and now she’s hanging on my wall 🎨

Thanks to everyone who bought one of our zines! An exciting moment <3 From now on, you can buy these from us in person or online via our site 📒📒